Complete Remote Working Software Stack option 2b – Microsoft Enterprise Edition for Team Leaders

Having spent considerable time working as both a remote work from home worker, worker in a co-worker space, and a Digital NOMAD, I have tried out a lot of different tools. Some software are absolutely valuable, others are more trouble than they are worth.

Some of my top considerations for remote working software:

  • Secure (high priority)
  • Fast Loading
  • Don’t require a ton of bandwidth
  • Always up to date and stable
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Utility Value

For these reasons I really like Cloud based software. This entire stack of software is available anywhere you can get an internet connection, doesn’t require downloading software (except of phone apps perhaps) and can be run on energy efficient hardware like a Microsoft Surface book, which will run faster and go longer without a charge than a full notebook.

These 3 Software Platforms run great together and offer everything you could want from a remote working software stack.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure



We Can You Set Up with Complete Google or Microsoft Based Remote Working Software Stacks - It's What We Do!

Please just let us know how many users you are considering, and if you prefer Microsoft or Google (or Both!)

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